kleine wölfe e.V.

We started a charity organization in order to provide long-term school education for at least the children featured in street line. All profits generated by this film are to be used directly for the children. We so far hired a Nepalese social worker in Kathmandu and six children are already being sponsored for the last year.

Spende hier für die Schulausbildung der Kinder der kleinen Wölfe!

Sona Nepali

5 years old

Saina Khatun

It is with our deepest sorrow to inform you of the death of little Saina. She passed away on Saturday 9th of January 2021. It has been such a joy in our life to know this beautiful child. She has been a light in the world. Our hearts are with her family and friends.

Karsak Chaudhary

6 years old

Rakhi Kuchikar

12 years old

Sarika Waiba

3 years old

Sahara Waiba

11 years old